Minor Programme in Theology (Minor)

Undergraduate students from different disciplines may pursue a minor programme in Theology. Students minor in Theology are required to complete a minimum of 18 units of THEO courses, with at least one course at 2000 or above level and another two courses at 3000 or above level.

*courses that require pre-requisite(s)

  • THEO1211 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
  • THEO2221 Early & Medieval Church
  • THEO2235 Systematic Theology I
  • THEO2241 Pastoral Theology
  • THEO3213 Biblical Studies: Special Topic I: Ancient Near Eastern Culture and the Hebrew Bible
  • THEO3215 New Testament Greek I
  • THEO3217 Biblical Hebrew I
  • THEO3221 History of Christianity in China
  • THEO3235 Theological Studies: Special Topic I: Augustine
  • THEO3241 Homiletics

Undergraduate Teaching Timetable