Theological Education

The basic educational aims of the Divinity School of Chung Chi College are threefold: (1) to help students grow as mature persons, (2) to equip them in every way so that they can minister in the Spirit of Christ, (3) to promote theological research, enable inter-disciplinary dialogue and facilitate intellectual and cultural development in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas Chinese communities.

Divinity School of Chung Chi College is at present the only theological education institution within a Chinese public university. Apart from training pastoral workers, it also aims at raising the level of theologizing of the laity. Intellectual development, spiritual formation, community life, individual critical thinking and self-discipline are the quadrilateral of the School. The School does not belong to any single denomination; it is supported by denominations of several traditions, viz., Congregational, Presbyterian, Reformed, Lutheran, Anglican, Pentecostal and Methodist. As a result, the approach to theological studies is open and not biased towards a particular doctrinal confession. Acceptance of each other’s tradition is stressed.

Divinity School of Chung Chi College takes an ecumenical approach to theological studies. The Bible is accepted to be the main authority for faith and life. Through the historical, literary, sociological, critical approaches to the studies of Scriptures, students and faculty endeavor to be faithful to the living Word of God and to interpret the Bible in the context of the contemporary Church and the world. Students are not required to accept any specific doctrinal position but all are encouraged to develop and defend their chosen theological positions by means of the highest standards of scholarship. Mutual respect in spite of differences in doctrine is heavily stressed as the prerequisite for community life and good scholarship.

We aim to provide a holistic education which includes all aspects of spiritual, intellectual and social development. The curricula of the various degree programmes in the Divinity School of Chung Chi College are oriented toward Missio Dei. Practical training for ministry is stressed along with intellectual and spiritual development. Recently, the project of Integration of Clinical Pastoral Education and Theological Education is implemented as one of our training models.

Full time single students are expected to be in residence in the Theology Building. Family quarters are also provided for students with family. Opportunities for interaction with students of other Departments are plentiful in CUHK. Students are encouraged to exercise self-discipline, integrity and respect. Students can choose to take for credit or audit all courses offered by CUHK as long as he/she meets the requirements of that particular department. Students can also enjoy the facilities provided by CUHK, so that they may engage knowledge in all ways and interact with faculty and students from different departments. The extensive academic environment and broad campus will enable them to widen their horizon and become leaders of the times.