Important Dates

First Term: 5 September 2022 (Mon) – 3 December 2022 (Sat)
Second Term: 9 January 2023 (Mon) – 22 April 2023 (Sat)
University Summer Session: 15 May 2023 (Mon) – 30 June 2023 (Fri)

Aug 30–Sep 1 Tue–Thu Term Commencement Faculty-Student Camp*
Sep 3 Sat Orientation Day
Sep 8 Thu Term Commencement Service*
Oct 28 Fri Thanksgiving Service of the Founder’s Day, Chung Chi College
Oct 30 Sun Chung Chi College 70th Anniversary Celebration Banquet
Oct 30 Sun Church Visit*
Nov 5 Sat Theology Day*
Nov 15 Tue Open Public Lecture
Dec 2 Fri Choral Anthem by Divinity School Student Choir at College Assembly
Dec 13 Tue Open Public Lecture
Dec 28–30 Wed–Fri Term Break Retreat
Jan 6–7 Fri–Sat Devotional Camp
Jan 10 Tue Open Public Lecture
Feb 11 Sat Information Day
Feb 17   H.K. Theological Student Day
Feb 18 Sat 26th Chuen King Biblical Lecture
TBC   Siu Lien Ling Wong Visiting Fellow
Mar 12 Sun Walkathon*
Apr 30 Sun Church Visit*
May 2–3 Tue–Wed BD Comprehensive Examination
May 4 Thu End of Term Communion Service*
May 15–12 Fri–Fri Study Tour: Thailand
May 19–29
Fri–Mon Local Study Tour
May 31 Wed Submission Deadline of BD / MDiv Graduate Thesis
June 5 Mon Graduate Thesis Salon

* Full-time students are required to attend. Absence requests must be submitted online. (All absence requests are subject to the Divinity School's approval through email.)

[As of 2023-01-16]