Studying theology and living in a university campus is the core and distinguishing feature of Chung Chi's theological education, being situated in the Chung Chi campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Students are encouraged to develop their character, spirituality and knowledge to the fullest as solid foundations for their life of service.

Hostel life is one of the essential parts of Chung Chi's theological education. Single students of the Bachelor or Master of Divinity programmes are required to lodge in the hostel. Being part of the student hostels of Chung Chi College, the hostel in Theology Building is also open to a few undergraduate students of the College. Theology students, therefore, must live together with non-theology students; they are to work out their own hostel culture and learn to accommodate. Besides, we have established extended hostels outside the campus to meet the demand of our growing number of students. Together we seek to build our life in fellowship with local students and students from Mainland China, Myanmar and other regions residing on and off campus.

Another integral part of studying theology in Chung Chi is our Thursday Evening Service and Fellowship. All teachers and full-time students are required to participate in the worship service, the table fellowship, and the weekly assembly organised by the Student Union. Also important are the annual Term Commencement Service, church visits, Theology Day, walkathon and End of Term Service. During the term, our School Chaplaincy and the Student Union will organise spiritual formation groups for new students, prayer meetings, evening worship, choirs, etc. Students can also participate in various seminars and activities held by the Divinity School, the Student Union or other departments in the University.

Being part of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, on the one hand, breathes religious and spiritual life into the atmosphere of the public institute, and on the other hand is enriched by the fullness and diversity of university life.