Chaplaincy Unit

Model of Care

  • Spiritual Support
  • Social and Emotional Support
  • Living Support
  • Mentoring

Spiritual Support

  • Evening Worship (Every Thursday, compulsory)
  • Spiritual formation group for first-year students
  • Individual spiritual direction and guidance
  • Dusk prayer meetings (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Term-break Retreat Camp
  • Chapel, prayer room and meditation room are freely accessible

Social and Emotional Support

  • Supper meetings and Fellowship meetings (Every Thursday, compulsory)
  • Mainlander Students Fellowship
  • All teachers and students are assigned to different family groups.
  • Individual caring and sharing
  • Medical or Counseling referral

Living Support

  • Most of the teachers and students are living in the campus.
  • Hostel activities
  • Students can apply for assistantship or studentship through the recommendation from the Chaplains.
  • Students can get in touch with the Chaplains via Whatsapp or Social Media.


  • The Chaplain and Assistant Chaplain are the advisors of the Student Union.
  • Students are required to do the T-JTA test and they will discuss the results with the Chaplain or Assistant Chaplain.
  • The Chaplain is also served as the Practical Education Coordinator in order to help the students to carry out work placement in different ministries setting.