Ministry & Service

Having a dual identity as a divinity school and an academic unit in a university, we develop a variety of ministries and events to better serve local, Mainland China and overseas churches and society.

Education Ministries: Our Pastoral Programme offers different activities periodically to cater for the pastoral needs of local ministers. For complex and fast-changing current issues, the Church Think Tank, published by our Mission Enhancement Project, seeks to provide comprehensive and in-depth analyses and theological reflections as reference and response for ministers. We also reach out to teachers, church workers, parents and students of church-affiliated schools implementing life education programmes with our Centre for Quality-Life Education.

Academic Units: Our Centre for Christian Studies was established to promote research in related areas. In support for Christian Studies programmes of universities and seminaries in Mainland China, we have set up the Resource Centre for Contemporary Christian Studies. We also collaborate and partner closely with research units such as the Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture.