Servants of Discernment Financial Aid

(For applicants in 2023–2024 cohort of the BD, MDiv and MACS programme)

Our school offers a denominationally rich and intellectually stimulating academic program to prepare students for theologically grounded, socially aware Christian service. Thanks to the generous support of donors from the private sector, we are now able to offer scholarships on competitive basis to our future BD, MDiv and MACS students.

2023/2024 Tuition fee
Bachelor of Divinity (BD):
Full-time: $174,000 (3-year), $232,000 (4-year), $290,000 (5-year)
Part-time: $203,000 (7-year), $261,000 (9-year), $319,000 (11-year)

Master of Divinity (MDiv) Full-time(3-years): HK$126,300 
Master of Arts in Christian Studies(MACS) Full-time (1 year)/ Part-time (2 years): HK$118,000 
Details on Admission:

Servants of Discernment Financial Aid Application Form

Please submit your application for Servants of Discernment Financial Aid after applying for the relevant programme online and before the corresponding programme application deadline.

Bachelor of Divinity (BD), Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS) Application Deadline: 27 March 2023 (Mon)

Frequent Asked Questions
Q1. Which programmes are eligible for the “Servants of Discernment” Financial Aid scheme? 
A1. Both full-time and part-time applicants of Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS) and full-time applicants of Bachelor of Divinity (BD) and Master of Divinity (MDiv) programmes can apply for the “Servants of Discernment” Financial Aid scheme. The applicants can be local or non-local students.

Q2. I am a current student in one of the eligible programmes. Can I apply for the “Servants of Discernment” Financial Aid scheme?
A2. The “Servants of Discernment” Financial Aid is awarded to students during the time of admission, i.e., only students who are newly admitted to the eligible taught postgraduate programmes in the 2023–24 intake would be eligible for the financial aid.

Q3. Are there any other scholarships offered by the school?
A3. The school provides a wide variety of scholarships. Students with excellent performance in areas of academic studies, pastoral care and community life might be awarded various scholarships after the first year of study. Recipients are nominated by the school. Please visit Scholarships and Assistantship for details.

Q4. I am a “Servants of Discernment” Financial Aid awardee. If I apply for deferral of study, will my awards be affected? 
A4. Deferral of study will affect students’ eligibility for the financial aid that is already awarded. The financial aid is valid for newly admitted students in the 2023-24 intake, and it cannot be deferred to a future year. The financial aid is associated with the registrant in the programme when the financial aid is to be disbursed. If a student eventually fails to complete the programme, he/she is required to refund the full amount of the financial aid received to the school.

Q5. What should I submit with my application?
A5. In addition to the documents required for application for admission to Bachelor of Divinity (BD) / Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS) / Master of Divinity (MDiv), you are also required to submit the “Servants of Discernment Financial Aid" application form. 

Q6. How do I document my personal, household, and financial information?
A6. A fillable template form is a required part of the application.

Q7. Will there be an interview? 
A7. Financial aid applicants are carefully assessed by the school. As part of the overall assessment, shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview. 

Q8. When will I be notified?
A8. Awardees will receive the financial aid award letter usually after or at the same time as the admission offer. 

Q9. How do I appeal a financial aid award?
A9. The decision of the school is final and not subject to review. 

Q10. How much will I receive if I am selected as a recipient?
A10. In general, the award value varies. Financial aid funds are disbursed in equal instalments corresponding to the start of each academic semester.   

Q11. If I am awarded the financial aid, can I receive subsidies or scholarships from other sources to cover the tuition fees? 
A11. Students receiving financial support from other sources should declare and provide relevant details to the school. 
Q12. Further questions?
A12. If you have any unanswered questions about the “Servants of Discernment” Financial Aid scheme, please send your questions to