In the Storm
2021-06-20 | Mark 4:35-41

Angel Suk-Kwan Wong
  • Part-time Lecturer

Sometimes things change all in the sudden. Before the disciples went into the boat with Jesus, they were simply thinking what a cool thing it was to follow Jesus to do ministry here and there. Those who are active in the ministry right now know what it means. What if there is a “but”? Yes, suddenly a fierce storm occurred right on the Sea of Galilee (v37). It was a hurricane level of storm. The disciples and Jesus were in just a medium size boat without shelter nor strong wall around them. Besides, the storm caused the sea to be so rough that even their boat was tossing by waves with water breaking over the boat. It was just next to when they would sink with their boat. There was a huge contrast between the disciples and Jesus. While Jesus was sleeping in the stern soundly, the disciples were crying aloud to wake him up for help, for they believed that they were perishing (v38). They were extremely desperate.

We all have this kind of moment. Everything around us is unsettling. It is as if each one of us were in a sinking boat of our own. The natural thought of course is to get out from the boat as soon as possible. Jesus rebuked the wind and stilled the sea (v39). As a result, the sea returned to perfect calmness. The question is, “If we are serving the Lord, why would we get this?” We truly don’t have immunity of getting bad thing in life regardless of we are serving God or not. In a situation like this, instead of fighting our fist against God, a proper way is to ask ourselves this question, “Is there anything that I have missed?” And then we pray to God, “Lord, would you please show me what I should pay attention to? Help me to refocus my mind into things that you want me to see and neglect what appear threatening to me. Please guide me through your way to where you want me to be!” In Jesus’s question, he assumed his disciples to have faith already (v40). Thus, what the disciples have missed is really faith. A faith which they should put trust on Jesus to bring them to the other side of the sea for continuing ministry. In fact, why would they worry about their physical lives and forget about what they have eternally in the kingdom of God? It isn’t that we don’t have faith. Rather, we have placed our focus wrongly. We are too easy to be overwhelmed by things around us that won’t go into eternity. We should ask ourselves the same question, “Do we still not have faith?”