Although the Divinity School is located in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, we are not funded by the University Grant Committee of the Hong Kong Government. Our main financial supports come from:

  1. funding from the Board of Trustees of Chung Chi College;
  2. fundings from the four supporting churches;
  3. donations and fundings from other churches, members of society and alumni;
  4. tuition fees;
  5. interests from theological funds and special funds;
  6. donations from overseas individuals and organisations.

In recent years, we have been fully devoted in raising funds for the following three ministries:

  1. the Chung Chi Theological Education Fund, for the recruitment of additional staff;
  2. the Kairos Scholarship for Young Theological Students, for young local Christians who endeavour to study our full-time theology degree's programmes in response to the times;
  3. scholarships for theology students from Mainland China studying our degree's programmes.

Besides, we need support to the following items:

  1. Teacher's Salaries
  2. General Fund
  3. Chinese Theological Exchange Fund
  4. Pastoral Program Fund
  5. Mission Enhancement Project
  6. Biblical Studies and Publication Project
  7. Bursary and Scholarship
  8. Resource Center for Contemporary Christian Studies
  9. Construction of New Chapel of Divinity School
  10. Expansion of Theology Building Student Hostel
  11. K. C. Lee Memorial Fund for Music Ministry

We are always grateful for the supply and keeping of God, and we look forward to the road ahead with faith. We need your support. Contact Prof. Francis Yip, our Director, if you have any questions.

If you would like to make a contribution, send in your crossed cheque payable to "The Trustees of Chung Chi College". Donations of HKD$100 or above will be issued receipts for tax-deduction purposes.

Please remember us in your prayers.

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