Diploma in Christian Life Education


A Diploma Programme in Christian Life Education has been introduced since 2010. The programme offers Christian perspectives on life education, and provided training and support to schools, teachers, church workers and youth workers. It is an inter-disciplinary approach. Integrating the socio-cultural context of Hong Kong with the growth problems of young people and helpful responses towards positive attitude and values.

Course Details (Chinese content)
Course contents include:
  • Foundation and Trends of Religious Education and Life Education
  • Partners of Christian Life Education Churches and Schools in Context
  • Youth and Life education in the 21st Century
  • Christian Life Education and Interactive Learning
  • Teaching and Learning Theories in Christian Life Education
  • Christian Ethics
  • Introduction to Biblical Studies
  • Special Topic on Christian Life Education I
  • Death and Dying
  • Ideas, Practices and Pedagogies of Life Education in HK