Theology Building

Lodgment in student hostels at the Theology Building is mandatory for our single full-time students. Family quarters may be available for married students’ family. The Theology Building provides 93 hostel places and family quarter, all with air-conditioning and internet connections. Kitchenette and laundry facilities, including washers and dryers, are located on each floor. All public rooms have audio-visual equipment. There is a conference room, a seminar room, a study room and classrooms. In addition, students have access to the enjoyment of a big lounge, a small basketball court and grass lawn. Facilities of the Theology Building can be rented by churches, schools and social services organizations for seminars, retreat camps or other activities.

We are gradually improving the facilities at the Theology Building to provide an even better learning and living environment.

Chapel and President Chi-tung Yung Memorial Building

In 1967, when the original design of the Theology Building was drawn, a chapel was part of the plan. However, due to financial constraints, the chapel was not built when the building was completed in 1969. Since worship is an essential part of Christian life as well as of theological education, in the 70’s, the Theology Division held its worship services in the meditation room of the Chung Chi College Chapel and later the top floor of the Theology Building. To meet the needs of the increasing number of Theology students, the Divinity School of Chung Chi College started planning to build a new chapel for the worship services of the School in 2003.

The construction of the Chapel and President Chi-tung Yung Memorial Building began at end of 2009. The Dedication and Thanksgiving Service for the Chapel was held in November 2011. The building is named after Prof. Chi-tung YUNG, the first President (1963-1968) of the Divinity School (previously named Chung Chi Theological Seminary) as well as the President with the longest service term of Chung Chi College (1960-1975), in order to commemorate his contribution in Hong Kong higher education, Christian university, church, the Chung Chi College and the Divinity School. The construction project is funded by private donations.

Facilities of President Chi-tung Yung Memorial Building include the following: Chapel, the venue for the Divinity School’s regular worship which accommodates 350 persons and is open for individual meditation everyday from 9:00am to 5:00pm; Prayer Room with a seating capacity of 90 persons, a place for weekly prayer meetings and is open for Divinity School’s full-time students for personal meditation and prayer; Activity Room, a multi-purpose room which can accommodates 100 persons; Archive Room, Seminar Room and Research Staff Rooms; a Lift Tower and Bell Tower: the President Chi-tung Yung Memorial Building and the Theology Building are connected by the lift tower and link bridges, so that all facilities in both buildings are accessible to the physically handicapped. The lift tower is also a bell tower in which 24 computer-controlled bells are installed to form a carillon. The carillon chimes every hour between 10.00am to 10.00pm, and automatically plays pre-set hymns at designated time. The instrument can also be played with a keyboard directly. A sculpture of Jesus washing the feet of his disciple is placed at the lawn next to the Chapel building, in order to remind teachers and students of Jesus’ example of “not to be served but to serve”. Chapel, Prayer Room and Activities Room can be rented by churches, schools and social services organizations for worship or other activities.