Associate Professor
MDiv, ThD (University of Zurich)

Tel: (852) 3943 1368

Programme Director, MDiv
Research Interests
  1. Christian faith and pastoral ministry in prison
  2. Mission history and mission movements in Asia
  3. Christianity in Southeast Asia

Faith is, in a basic form, the art of keeping the question open and to surrender to this openness. The question means the questions of our being: Why are we at all? Why are we the way we are? Where do we come from? Where do we go? – The problem of Christian faith expression, in individual and corporate forms of faith, is that we are in a constant danger of appropriating the One we refer to and of turning the mystery of our being into an answer. The word “God” is used lightly, as if we knew what it stands for. From a word that stands for the big question, it is turned into an answer that fills in the gaps of our understanding and knowledge. Instead of being a community that celebrates the open questions, Christianity presents itself as the community that gives answers. Against this tendency of appropriating God, theology leads Christian faith back to its mysterious origin. Earlier traditions described this as a dialectic movement of positive and negative theology, of word and silence, of defining and hiding, of kataphatic and apophatic.

Studying the history of Christianity is part of the spiritual formation of Christians. It is an attempt to understand the movement of appropriation and opening up the question of our being and it is the discovery of a multiplicity of stories of Christians who counter all attempts of spiritual or other appropriations of the mystery.

  1. Chinese mission movements overseas (GRF grant)
  2. Prison and religion in Southeast Asia (direct grant)
  3. The Basel Mission in China
  4. Christian faith and ministry in the penal context
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