Simon Shui-Man KWAN


Simon Shui-Man KWAN
BSocSc (HKU); PhD (CUHK)

Telephone: (852) 3943 6709
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Associate Director (Academic Affairs), DSCCC
Head, Graduate Division of Theology
Programme Director, BD
Research Interests
  1. Practical Theology of Asian Theology
  2. Practical Theology of Christian Counseling
  3. Practical Theology of Death and Dying

怎樣的神學教育才算優秀?早於1916年,G. B. Foster已鏗鏘地如此說:"With reference to this whole question, it may be said that usually the candidate for ministry... enters the divinity school as a finished religious and theological product, but that, in consequence of his studies there, he departs unfinished, growing aware that his personality, with its religion and its theology, are alike in the making. A divinity school that achieves such a result has fulfilled its function in the life of the human spirit."

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