2023-04-02 | Matthew 21:1-11

Rev. Phyllis Wong (′06 MDiv)
  • Minister in charge of Kowloon Union Church

On Palm Sunday, let us revisit Jesus' entry into the holy city of Jerusalem, and he was cheered by the crowd along the way.

The crowd expected Jesus to enter the city as the King and Messiah to save the people of Israel. But Jesus rode on a donkey, not a chariot that symbolized power. Donkey is an image of humbleness and hard work, reflecting that Jesus' redemption was carried out with humility.

It is worth noting that the donkey that Jesus rode was borrowed, and he promised to return to the owner after use. Jesus was the Son of God and had the image of God, he did not regard equality with God as something to be exploited, but emptied himself, taking the form of a slave. Although Jesus was greatly respected by the people at that time, he did not have the desire for power and possession, dominance and control. Jesus, the incarnate, was the servant King. He had demonstrated the quality of being fully God and fully human – noble yet humble, mighty yet self-constraint, majestic yet merciful.


Dear God,

Help us to learn from Jesus Christ and live a life like him, to love and serve with humility and mercy. Amen!