Faculty Student Seminar I

3 Units

This course aims to develop practical research and academic writing skills of students. They are required to choose a subject for a paper, to create a logical structure, and to construct their own arguments academically. Their papers will be presented at the seminars. Chosen topics of the paper should be related to theological areas such as systematic theology, biblical studies, church history, practical theology, gender theology and so on. Nevertheless, students are encouraged to discuss current issues and subjects of other disciplines relating to the modern world from a theological perspective. Students’ performances will be primarily assessed by their written papers and presentations, but also by their participation in the discussion session. They will be evaluated on their ability to think theologically, that is, to reflect upon major theological and social issues, to define current issues in theological terms, and theological issues from the perspective of other disciplines.

Book List

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Yaghjian, Lucretia B. Writing Theology Well: A Rhetoric for Theological and Biblical Writers. New York: Continuum, 2006.





Old Course Code (2009-10 and before) : THE5005