Theological Research

Students are required to write a substantial research paper on an approved topic in their area of concentration under the supervision of an instructor at their final term of study.

In this course, a student is required to meet with his/her supervisor regularly who provides necessary guidance and supervision to write up a thesis and monitors the student’s academic progress.

Grade Descriptors

A Outstanding performance on all learning outcomes.
A- Generally outstanding performance on all (or almost all) learning outcomes.
B Substantial performance on all learning outcomes, OR high performance on some learning outcomes which compensates for less satisfactory performance on others, resulting in overall substantial performance.
C Satisfactory performance on the majority of learning outcomes, possibly with a few weaknesses.
D Barely satisfactory performance on a number of learning outcomes
F Unsatisfactory performance on a number of learning outcomes, OR failure to meet specified assessment requirements.


Old Course Code (2009-10 and before) : THE5001
Old Course Code (2013-14 and before) :
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