John Tsz-Pang LAI

John Tsz-Pang LAI
BA, MPhil (HKU); DPhil (Oxon)

Telephone: (852) 3943 4276

Research Interests
  1. Religion and literature
  2. Religion and translation
  3. Christianity and Chinese literature
  4. Christianity in China
  1. Harvard Yenching Visiting Scholar Fellowship (2015-16)
  2. Research Excellence Award, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2010-11)
  3. The Faculty of Arts Outstanding Teaching Award, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2010) (2011) (2013) (2014) (2015) (2017)
  1. “Transforming Morality and Society: Chinese Jesuit Fiction and Drama in the Republican Era (1912-1937)” (General Research Fund)
  2. “Rediscovering the Lost Heritage: The Religious Poetics of the ‘New Age Novels’ (1895) and Its Far-reaching Impact on Chinese Literary Modernity” (General Research Fund)
  3. “Chinese Christian Novels in Late Qing China (1807-1911): An Interdisciplinary Study of Religion and Literature” (General Research Fund)
  4. “Strategies of Cultural Negotiation: A Critical Study of the Translation of Christian Tracts in Late Qing China, 1843-1911” (General Research Fund)
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