Francis Ching-Wah YIP


Francis Ching-Wah YIP
Associate Professor
BSocSc, MDiv (CUHK); ThD (Harvard)

Tel: (852) 3943 8151

Director, The Centre for Christian Studies
Associate Director (Research & Publication), DSCCC
Research Interests
  1. Theology and Social Thought of Paul Tillich
  2. Christianity, modernity, and global capitalism
  3. Hong Kong Christianity
  4. Chinese Protestant Theology and Practices

The task of systematic theology is “reinterpretation of the tradition for the present situation” (David Tracy). This is the task for every generation of theologians, including pastor, preachers, church musicians, lay leaders, and seminary teachers. Systematic theology is not simple reiteration of what theologians have said in the past, but reinterpretation of it for the present situation. The Christian tradition to be reinterpreted, which includes biblical writings and church dogmas that are regarded by many as universally and everlastingly valid, is itself the product of intended or unintended responses to the social, cultural, ecclesial, and historical contexts that have been shaping it. The meaning, significance, and implications of any aspect of the tradition thus cannot be properly understood apart from these contexts.

Theology and Politics in Hong Kong Christianity: Sermons, Prayers and Disputes, 2013-2014

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