STU-CUHK Joint Center for Christian Studies


Shantou University - The Chinese University of Hong Kong Joing Center for Christian Studies Plaque - unveiling and MOU Signing Ceremony


Shantou University (STU), founded in 1981 with the approval of the State Council, is a key comprehensive university under Project 211 in Guangdong Province. For the sake of enhancing STU’s academic development and humanistic ethos, with the financial and manpower support from the LI Ka Shing Foundation, a Center for Christian Studies (CCS) was established under the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) at STU in January 2010. Since its inception, the CCS-STU has been a collaborative enterprise between the CLA-STU and the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (DSCCC, CUHK) at many levels. A faculty member of the DSCCC, CUHK has been appointed as the Honorary Director of the CCS-STU since its establishment, and all the conferences, workshops, seminars and other academic activities of the CCS-STU, both international as well as regional, were co-organized by the two institutions from 2010 to 2012.

In view of the successful cooperation between STU and CUHK, the two universities have decided to establish a joint center to further and deepen their collaboration. It is also hoped that more support and opportunities will thereby be provided for the future development of the CCS both on the Mainland and aboard.

Vision and Mission

  • To promote the academic study of Chaoshan Christianity as an integral part of Chao studies and advance research in Chaoshan Christianity in the fields of social sciences and humanities. Proposed areas of research to be developed include:
    • History of Christianity in the Chaoshan region
    • Interaction and relationship between Christianity and society in the Chaoshan region, with the following foci:
      • Christianity and medical care in the Chaoshan region
      • Christianity and women in the Chaoshan region
      • Christianity and charitable work in the Chaoshan region
      • Christianity and education in the Chaoshan region
      • Christianity and social/cultural changes in the Chaoshan region
      • Christianity and other religions in the Chaoshan region
      • Christianity and holistic life education in the Chaoshan region
  • To promote the CCS-STU-CUHK as a model for holistic life education in China and strengthen the contextualization of holistic life education in the South China context.
  • To develop the CCS-STU-CUHK as an international platform for conducting academic research, with a view to enhancing its status as a regionally and internationally influential research institution specializing in Chaoshan Christianity and holistic life education.

Programmes and Activities

  1. Conducting international and regional academic conferences on holistic life education and Chaoshan Christianity;
  2. Holding lectures series and seminar-workshops on holistic life education at STU;
  3. Offering general education courses on Christian studies and holistic life education to STU students;
  4. Providing peer-reviewed research grants to fund research projects on holistic life education and Chaoshan Christianity;
  5. Establishing an archive under the CCS-STU-CUHK;
  6. Bringing out publications including the Center’s newsletter; monographs and books on Christian studies, Chao studies and holistic life education; holistic life education reading series; computer softwares and applications;
  7. Creating national and international academic networks to promote the development of related studies.

International Academic Advisors

Prof. David FORD (University of Cambridge)
Prof. Elizabeth SCHÜSSLER FIORENZA (Harvard University)
Prof. SEOW Choon Leong (Vanderbilt University)
Prof. Gerd THEIßEN (Heidelberg University)
Prof. John MILLER (University of Toronto)
Prof. Joseph Tse-Hei LEE  (Pace University)
Prof. HO Puay Peng (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Prof. HU Weiqing (Shandong University)
Prof. XU Yihua (Fudan University)
Prof. GU Weimin (East China Normal University)
Prof. SHI Bainian (China Youth University for Political Sciences)
Prof. WU Yixiong (Sun Yat-Sen University)

Steering Committees

Prof. LO Lung Kwong (CUHK, STU)

Associate Director
Prof. Simon S.M. KWAN (CUHK)
To be confirmed (STU)

Dr. CHEN Chen (STU)

Academic Assistant
Ms. ZHOU Xiaoping (STU)

Administrative Assistant
Ms. TAO Ying (STU)