Fellows of Chung Chi Theological Education...


Fellows of Chung Chi Theological Education...

Dear Fellows of Chung Chi Theological Education:

Peace in Christ.

Thank you for your continued support to Chung Chi theological education. Last year, we celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Divinity School of Chung Chi College (1963-2013), and now, it is about to come to a new historical kairos.

In retrospect of the history of Chung Chi theological education, we would like to thank the Lord for placing us in such a unique position. As the only theological seminary in public university in Chinese society, we keep on exploring our mission and direction. We are thankful that our forerunners have laid a solid foundation for us. In different times, peoples of the Chung Chi theology have been taking up the responsibility in awe to hold fast and carry forward the tradition of the School.

The Divinity School is about to undergo change of leadership. We thank the Lord that His faithful servant, Rev. Prof. Lo Lung-kwong, has been leading the School over the past nineteen years (1995-2014). For the history of Chung Chi theology with only fifty-one years, nineteen years is not a short period. Like the fellow heads and directors since the founding of the School, Rev. Lo has devoted himself wholeheartedly for the School. For the unfailing blessings of the Lord in granting good servants to lead the School in different times, we offer prayers of thanksgiving again.

During the past months, in preparation for taking over, I have been busy with all kinds of meetings and interviews. I do have a suffocating feeling, being under tremendous pressure. Time flies. When I recall the moment I started to participate in theological education in 1993, the impression is still fresh. In the blink of an eye, there has been ten years since I joined the Chung Chi Divinity School. It is out of my imagination to take up the directorship. My life path has been changed accidentally. I am being assigned to follow a journey of faith.

Among those who are concerned with Chung Chi theological education, many of them are waiting to see how I will lead the School. The change of leadership in any organization is not an easy task. Please pray for me—I need more intelligence, confidence, courage and strength. Thank the Lord for giving us all the Council members, church leaders, alumni and students, who as always support Chung Chi theological education; in addition, a committed faculty and staff is working with me. Please continue to pray for us. We need vision and intelligence in practice.

Taking into account the lack of senior pastors in our team, after discussion with fellow professors, we unanimously propose to the Theological Council to invite Rev. Lo to work with us for two more years as Adjunct Professor starting from August 1, 2014. His invaluable experience will certainly continue to contribute to the School. During this period, Rev. Lo will serve as the Honorary Director of Pastoral Ministry, assisting in ministry planning and strengthening our relationship with the Chinese Church. We sincerely thank Rev. Lo for his generous agreement and help in this transition. Please pray for Rev. Lo as well. The following two years are critical: Our teaching team needs to be further strengthened and developed in order to go a long way.

For me, it is rather unexpected to take such a new and difficult lesson near the age of fifty. Facing the new duty, heavy burdens and challenges of all sorts, I ask the Lord for mercy and instruction. At present, the society, as well as the church, are being unprecedentedly torn apart. Theological education should not step aside. We must look up to the Lord. May Chung Chi theological education continue to walk in the Lord’s will.

“I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” (Mark 9:24, King James Version)


Fuk-tsang, YING

Director Designate
Divinity School of Chung Chi College
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

July 28, 2014